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*All 12 month subscriptions also receive a free world decal map.


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Strange things are afoot at the Zoo this year. Are you up for the challenge? Solve monthly mysteries to show your savvy as a Zoo Detective.


Each month features a different case file, and includes: 

  • Animal mystery case and file
  • Map of animal world
  • Crime scene photo and map
  • Animal interveiws and suspect list
  • Matrix to puzzle to assembe the evidence and solve the mystery


Watch the children in your life light up each month when they open up the case file, organize the evidence, crack the puzzles, and discover "who-dun-it" at the zoo.


Warning: Children may enjoy "Zoo Case Files" more than television and screen time. Possible side effects include learning about geography, growing an imagination, interest in animal related careers, a desire to play outside, and interest in reading. Extended subscriptions may increase quality time between parents and children.


*Monthly shipping is included in the price.

Wild Cases: Zoo Detectives [Digital Version]

  • This purchase includes twelve mailed packages. Each month includes...

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