Bye-bye bored. Hello curious.

Inspire their love for nature.

Boredom is real. We have the antidote.

The kids will love it...

Is your home infected with boredom? Well, no more. It's time to fight boredom with curiosity and discovery. 

"Destroy boredom? Tell me more."

Gladly. We've made it easy:

1. Choose one of our kits. Receive it by mail. Unpack hours of fun. Repeat every month. 

2. Visit our "learn-by-doing" lessons and choose something the whole family will enjoy.

Time to learn alongside our kids and help them they fall in love with the natural world.

Warning: Children may enjoy exploring science more than television or screen time. Possible side effects include expanding imaginations, the desire to play outside, interest in reading, and enjoying learning. Extended subscriptions may reduce screen time and increase quality time between parents and children.

Getting started is easy as 1-2-3!

1. Sign up for the kit that inspires the children in your life.

2.Check your mailbox for packaged curiosity every month.

3. Open, explore, and discover together!

Kid tested, Parent Approved

We are so excited about the Nature Explorer kits - our girls light up every month when the experiments arrive!

Mike, father of 3

I love Critter Kits. My favorite part is reading each story with my new stuffy friend.

Oliver, future zoo keeper

The kids love getting something in the mail, and I love that they want to do science - nature explorer kits are ready-made-learning-fun!

Janay, mom of 3

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